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As an expert institute and Technology Resource Centre (CRT, in French), we are the privileged partner of worldwide R&D experts in the industries:

  • Automobiles
  • Aeronautics
  • Hydraulic power transmission
  • Drinking water and the environment


We make a strong contribution to the development of vocabulary, measurement and test standards and good practice guides that help to clarify technical and commercial exchanges in fluid/solid separation, including filtration.


We lead various French, European and global working groups on the topics within our scope of expertise.
We promote the creation standardisation committees, based on our experience and informed by our work on developing new test procedures.
We write the draft standards on which other stakeholders provide input.
We organise inter-laboratory tests and can process the data to quantify the uncertainties associated with the methods. For example, we chaired the AFNOR S522 group (swimming pools for public use) and currently chair the CEN TC 436 (air quality in aircraft cabins) and AFNOR X45F (membranes and filter elements) and E48U (filtration of lubrication and hydraulic transmission oils) committees.

We act as experts or facilitators for projects related to the following international committees :

  • ISO TC22/SC34 (Propulsion, power trains and associated fluids)
  • ISO TC70/SC7 (oil filter testing)
  • ISO TC20/SC10 (Aerospace fluid systems and components))
  • ISO TC131/SC6 (contamination control))
  • ISO TC275 (Sludge recovery, recycling, treatment and disposal).
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The research programmes in which we are involved fall into three categories:

L’illustration de nos réalisations avec par exemples des travaux de recherches clôturés ou en cours :

ifts notre conseil scientifique expert en filtration et séparation


The scientific council, currently chaired by Mrs. Corinne Cabassud, has 36 members, 17 of whom are from university laboratories and 19 are members of IFTS. This board steers our research activities. Its objectives are as follows :
  • To contribute to the scientific resourcing of IFTS and to the reputation of the Institute.
  • Define the long-term strategic direction for the development of new skills that will lead to the future of the organisation.
  • Develop innovative tools that meet the priority needs and expectations of the association’s members.
  • Supporting pre-normative research for the development of methods/procedures and participation in French and international standardisation committees.

As a key partner for national and international projects, the Scientific Council assists IFTS in affirming its status as a French specialist in four areas :

  • Membranes and membrane processes
  • Extraction / concentration of industrial sludge and suspensions
  • Filter testing and characterisation of filter media
  • Water and climate

It identifies the various French and European calls for tenders related to these four themes and communicates upstream with our teams on the opportunities for involvement of IFTS and its members.

Congresses and events on fluid-particle separation: privileged places for exchanges and knowledge sharing.

IFTS plays an active role in the French learned society SF2P “Société Française des Séparations Fluides-Particules” and in the organising and/or scientific committees of major congresses in the field of separations (World Filtration Congress, Filtech, FPS, Francofilt, IWA).

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Our research teams regularly publish articles in scientific journals.

These publications, the driving force behind the Institute’s innovation, bear witness to our contribution to the scientific community by promoting and disseminating knowledge about measurement, testing and characterisation methods, as well as to future prospects for other media, sectors or materials.

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