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The characterisation activity addresses two crucial complementary issues:

  • Getting to know a filtering medium better
  • Better describe a filtered product

Our analytical equipment allows us to measure and determine the intrinsic properties and performance of filter media, fluids and suspensions.

Characterising the performance of filters to optimise their functions is our priority.

Every year, hundreds of filters and membranes are tested by our Test Centre, the reference independent centre in Europe able to offer a diverse range of standard and customised methods to compare, evaluate and qualify your filters.

Entrusting us with your filters for testing is the assurance of getting the key technical information about them in a factual, neutral, affirmative and independent manner.
Who are our customers around the world?
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  • Manufacturers, who entrust us or associate us with their R&D programmes, in complete confidentiality, seeking a third party evaluation to attest the performance of their filters or membranes.
  • Users wishing to compare and verify the conformity of their filters or membranes with respect to given situations and operating specifications.

At IFTS, we implement both the tests described and required by international standards (NF, CEN, ISO, ASTM, JIS, SAE, NSF, etc.) and specific, customised test protocols.

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Some examples of our test centre's achievements:


We have a wide range of equipment and methods for analysing powders and fluids: from the particle size of a powder to the dosage of water in a fuel.

Our team of specialists, carries out physico-chemical analysis according to the French and international standards in effect.

We also analyse the intrinsic characteristics of fluids, as well as their particulate contamination. Precise control of the level of contamination in fluids is a key concern in order to ensure the proper functioning of the systems in which they circulate.

IFTS supports you and guarantees the cleanliness of your fluids in all sectors: automotive, hydraulics, pharmaceuticals, aeronautics etc.

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Some examples of the analyses we offer:



In industry, particulate pollution from foreign bodies is feared because of the damage it can cause to the operation of systems and the quality of finished products.

We are the reference centre in Europe for the measurement and control of particulate contamination.”

Our laboratory has recognised expertise in numerous analytical methods and characterisations (see the scope of our accreditation according to ISO 17025). We are, in fact, the preferred partner of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, aeronautics, automotive, electronics, food processing, cosmetics, wines and spirits, and the water sector.
We also contribute to the drafting of cleanliness specifications on behalf of well-known clients, as well as international standards: ISO 16232 (parts 1 to 10) for the automotive industry, ISO 18413 for hydraulic power transmissions and ISO 12584 for aeronautics.

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Some examples of services related to particle cleanliness: