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Proof by trial, repeatable, indisputable

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Testing is at the heart of IFTS’ activities :

  • An irreplaceable means of selection in the R&D phase.
  • An unstoppable verification tool for production.

To determine or affirm performance or to compare products, testing is the best means we can make available to you.

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We offer a wide range of filter tests, , to allow you to make the right choices, and to enhance your products:

  • Membrane
  • Automotive oil filter
  • Belt filter cloth
  • Cartridge for swimming pool water
  • Filter to purify the air in aircraft cabins…

We can test anything !


  • ISO 4548-12
  • ISO 16889
  • ISO 19438
  • ISO 14085
  • ISO 23369
  • ISO 3724
  • ISO 3968
  • ISO 2942 
  • ISO 2941
  • SAE J905
  • SAE J 1985 
  • SAE HS 806
  • EN 13443
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Création de la NF X45-104 le 4 Novembre 2022 par la commission AFNOR X45F

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IFTS proposes to use standardised methods, where the value of the tests, beyond the results, will remain representative, indisputable, and widely accepted by the industry in real conditions of use.
These standardised tests allow for comparison between products, as well as monitoring their quality over time.
IFTS develops test methods and the associated test rigs. Their robustness is tested, demonstrated and then proposed to standardization expert committees, in bodies such as AFNOR or ISO. Interlaboratory tests are conducted to validate them.
After that, the methods may be approved as standards.

Participating in such developments is a particularly structuring line of work that helps to anchor the methods:

  • Validation of uncertainty calculations
  • Assessment of the required measurement tools

Our rigour and experience have forged our ability to develop tailor-made tests.

We can be present where the industry has not yet converged on a qualification method.