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From R&D to our table
As France’s leading industrial sector, the food industry faces major challenges today and in the years to come. At our level, we support food companies in their evolution by providing our expertise in separation processes which are essential unit operations to :
  • Guarantee the safety of the products
  • Control and stabilise the organoleptic properties of products
  • Adapt to changes in the quality of raw materials
  • Valorise co-products and bio-waste
  • Extract molecules of interest from natural raw materials
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Improve the quality of discharges into the environment.

We are responding to increasing customer demands for safe food and beverage products by reducing resource consumption while controlling environmental impacts.

Our experts adapt our service offer to your specific problems, whether it is to clarify liquids, concentrate solids or fractionate complex solutions:

  • Characterisation of intermediate and finished products
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Pilot tests
  • Expert opinion
  • Audit, training…

As an independent body, we advise our industrial clients in a neutral and objective manner based on our own expertise, tests conducted on actual products and our knowledge of the market.

In the agricultural and agri-food sectors, water management as a raw material and/or utility is a major issue.

As a member of the Carnot Institute “Water & Environment”, we are working with stakeholders in these sectors to improve the management of this precious resource, in particular by working on water reuse projects.

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Some examples of IFTS achievements:
  • Study of clarification by filtration of juices from acid hydrolysis of fruit co-products
  • Measurement of the rheological behaviour of various food products (vegetable puree, apple puree, sourdough, spreads, etc.)
  • Characterisation of filter plates and filter aids used in the wine industry
  • Study of the pre-treatment of salty effluents before discharge into a wastewater treatment plant
  • Qualification campaign for filter cartridges and membranes used in the production of bottled water
  • Pilot testing of clarification of tea infusion using a rotary vacuum filter
  • Development of a process for the removal of phyto-oestrogens from soybeans used in the production of textured proteins for human consumption
  • Exploratory separation and concentration tests of a nicotine extract
  • Study of the clarification of fryer oil for recycling in an industrial bakery
  • Audit of honey filtration operations
  • Deionisation and polyphenol concentration tests on an algae extract
  • Monitoring of the quality of different wines during maturation
  • Caractérisation des eaux de process en fromagerie
  • Characterisation of process water in cheese making
  • Study of water/oil separation in effluents from an Omega 3 fatty acid purification process
  • Study of the filtration of a spirulina-based drink
  • Study of the clarification of a juice from a wet vanilla extract press
  • Study of the reduction of phthalate content in a brandy