Filter media and filters for liquid treatments (2hrs)

Classification, description of each products families, operations (wovens, clothes, fibrous media, nonwovens, papers, felts, plates, cartridges, aids for precoat, granulars, sands for deep bed, membranes),

Technologies, description of filters and implemented modes

Principles and mechanisms of filtration, micro, ultra, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis (1hr)

Characteristics of filter media (4hrs)

Intrinsic : structure, particle size, mesh, pore …

Functional : hydraulic (permeability, pressure drop, …), filtering (efficiency, threshold, cut-off, compatibility (resistance to mechanical, chemical stresses …)

Integrity check.

This program shows the panorama of :  the characteristics of all types of filtration media,  the methods, French and international standards, apparatus and test benches for their measurement. The course alternates : educational lectures, content analysis and specifications of standards and experimental measurements in the Laboratory of Measurement and in the European Filter Testing Centre at IFTS