Study of separation processes

IFTS is the specialist in separation techniques for the clarification of liquids or concentration of solids by :

  -  Filtration,
  -  Settling,
  -  Centrifugation,
  -  Flotation,
  -  Spinning,
  -  Flocculation / coagulation
  -  Membrane Separation,
  -  Hydrocycloning.

For all industrial segments : Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and beverage, Paper, Automobile, Mechanics, Mineral Industries, Biotechnologies, Water treatment, and so on.

Completely independent of equipment manufacturers, IFTS conducts studies on Solid-Liquid Separation processes, in the following fields :

-  performance studies,

-  optimisation studies,

-  feasibility studies,

To meet its clients' needs, IFTS also supports them in expressing their needs through characterisation campaigns of their waste ouflows, or products in all the treatment chain, setting up their investments in the process.

The goal is to assess the various issues in a “product towards technology” direction.
Through its design office, IFTS supports its clients in the design and manufacture of prototypes (filtration cells, prototype of a particular process,...).

Test assemblies to validate the prototype can be set up. Tests are conducted and results are interpreted by a PhD engineer.

For more information, please contact Eric LEMOINE