Components and fluids cleanliness classification / Parts cleaning

IFTS is the European Reference Centre for the measurement and control of particulate contamination.
The Institute has got the tools and  know-how to develop and validate the most effective rinsing methods for all types of components for the automotive, medical, electronic, aerospace, hydraulic and mechanical micro industries ...

IFTS as an independent laboratory, can:
   - Search and validate the best range of extraction for every component
   - Test and certify the cleanliness of all types of components
   - Adapted cleaning up on batches of parts to achieve
   - Diagnose the cleanliness level of complex parts, systems assembled in the industrial environment

IFTS provides sharp and specialized services to its clients:
   - Study of the sensitivity of components (pumps, servo valves ...) to particulate pollution
   - Customized Training on contamination control in industrial workshops environment and its laboratory measurement
   - Confidential audits missions, advice and expertise to improve the manufacturing cleanliness of any industrial workshops.
IFTS participates in the elaboration of cleanliness specification of major contractors and international standards (extraction methods, cleanliness codes).

IFTS drafted international standards ISO 16232 (parts 1 to 10) for the automotive, ISO 18413 for hydraulic power transmission and ISO 12584 for aerospace industry.

For more information, please contact Marion COURALET