Optimisation of manufacturing processes

IFTS performs feasibility  studies and also liquid-solid separation processes optimization, following a pragmatic and rigourous approach, conducted in complete confidentiality :

- Technical Audit of existing processes
- Watch on separation processes
- Characterisation of suspensions to be treated
- Comparative study on separation technologies on test benches and
  laboratory equipment in IFTS premises or on client’s site
- Optimisation of operating conditions
- Pilot-scale tests
- Selection of the most appropriate technology
- Pre-dimensioning  of the equipment chosen

IFTS allows you to optimize your technical performances and also the investment and operating costs of your industrial equipment.

Separation of products of interest in the production process,
Recovering / Concentrating of noble materials
Purification of process fluids
Process water clarification
Water treatment and recycling / waste / process fluid
Bath and process fluids treatment and recycling
Effluent treatment
Sludge and waste concentration and dewatering

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