Hydraulic Pulse and Cold Start Test Bench

100% compliant with ISO 4548-5 !


                             Test temperature: 63°C
           Maximum applied pressure: 16 bar
                                       Cycle range: 0,3 ± 0,1 Hz
                                                     Size: L 2,5 m x W 1.5 m  x H 2.2 m.
                                               Weight: filled with oil 1000 to 1200 kg.
Automatic stop of the test circuit: If a failure is detected on the test filter or on the test circuit.
                                                              If the predetermined number of cycle is reached.
                                         Operation: Automatic leakage detector
                                                             Test up to 3 filters in parallels
                                                             Auto diagnostic functionality
                                                             Remote control functionality
                                                             Calibration functionality

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