Filter Differential Pressure vs. Flow Characteristics Test Bench

100% compliant with ISO 4020 §6.3, ISO 4548-1 !


Test fluid for a fuel equipment : ISO 4113, CEC RF 0603, EN 390)
 Test fluid for an oil equipment: Low and High fluid viscosity (24mm2/s & 500mm2/s)
                                       Test flow: experience from 1 to 400 l/min
              Maximum temperature: from 23°C to 60°C
                                  Maximal ΔP: 40 bar
                                                Size: L 2 to 3 m x W 1,4 m  x H 2.2 m
                                           Weight: filled with oil 1200 to 1800 kg
                                    Operations: Auto diagnostic functionality
                                                          Remote control functionality
                                                          Calibration functionality

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