Expertise and consultancy on cleanliness

We are the primary partners of factories producing “own” parts or that have to achieve a given contamination level.

We offer an objective in-factory appraisal and advise industrial sites wishing to reduce the particulate contamination of their products.

This offer includes the following elements:
Detailed study of the organisation, practices and tools;
Identification of the sources of particulate contamination;
Development of corrective actions;
Commitment to results over 6 months.

We find effective, practical solutions adapted to the site’s budget and priorities.

Over 50 sites have been appraised in France and worldwide.

Assistance in drawing up cleanliness specifications
IFTS works hand-in-hand with the Research and Study Departments of manufacturers (automotive, aeronautical, fl uid power…) and their equipment suppliers for writing cleanliness specifi cations at required level.

International recognition
IFTS was involved at writing level in most of the international standards for the measurement, expression and management of cleanliness of components and fluid systems for industries, including:
• Automotive (ISO 16232),
• Aerospace (ISO FDIS 12584)
• Hydraulic (ISO 18413, ISO TS 10686)

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