Clean solvent dispenser

It can be used either in laboratories or near assembly lines. 
Ergonomic and functional, it was developed for daily use in labs:
   - Pressure gauges permanently indicate the pressure in the reservoir and in the fluid
     distributor and indicate the pressure drop in the filter 
   - The nozzle ends, easily interchangeable, can be designed to your specification
   - Dispensing gun is at table height
   - The standard-size filter cartridge is easy to change, but seldom necessary due to its
     great retention capacity
   - It is delivered with a validation certificate of the cleanliness level of the fluid


    Wheel-mounted, in stainless steel
Volumes available: 10 or 20 L
                 Pressure from 1 to 3.5 bar
    Pressure gauges / upstream-downstream filters
                         Fluid class NF 0 (ISO 8/4)
                 Flow rate: 0.2 to 1 L/min
       Dispensing gun with stop valve
                                   Adaptable spray nozzles of all types (straight, flat, conical, rotary stems, elbowed…)
    Compatible with: petrol ether, n-heptane, hexane, industrial solvents, others on request
      Filter cartridge: length 250 mm
                                  filtration threshold: S = 3 m
                                  retention capacity: 120 g
                                  clogging indicator
                    Option: Volumetric indicator in option

For more information, please contact Sophie MOUSSARON

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