The new European Standard for the optimization of chemical conditioning of all sludge types !

Optimize the sludge treatment process
Increase the dry-solid content of dewatered sludge
Reduce flocculant consumption
Reduce cost of tranportation and of  recycling / removal
Reduce your carbon footprint
Increase productivity of sludge  process

A new standard : Bootest on sludge = Jartest on water
The future European standard EN 14742
Stringently validated by hundreds of field testings and by a european inter-laboratory ring test.
An accurate tool for dimensioning draining tables
Optimum Bootest = Optimum Draining Table
Enhances reliability dewatering tests on industrial equipement
Accurately asseses the sludge variability

Stirring a standard volume of sludge under repeatable and representative conditions of an industrial flocculation.
Automatic tranfer of the flocculated sample in a drainage cell and recording of the flow rate Vs elapsed time.
If needed, calculation  of a drainage index integrating the drainage kinetics, the drained sludge concentration and the filtrate quality.


L1 OPTION  : Laboratory device fully automated with 2 to 4 cells
allowing instantaneous comparisons of type and/or of 
coagulant/flocculant doses.

T1 OPTION  : Light and compact field unit,
cabin-bag size, for on-site testing 
(only required utility : 220V).


Test speed : < 5 minutes
Excellent results repeatability
Excellent representativeness  of  table drainage : optimal type and doses Bootest = optimal machine for types and doses
Production of a highly repeatable flocculated and thickened sludge, uninfluenced by the operator,  for future dewatering tests
Accurate base for optimization of the choice of the type and of the conditioning reagent.
Operational and automatic processing of data
Traceability of operational conditions





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