Filter and filter media testing

Each year, hundreds of filters are evaluated by IFTS. IFTS hosts the sole center in Europe able to offer such a wide range of standardized and custom-made methods to compare, evaluate or qualify filters.

Our world-wide clients are:
   -  Filter manufacturers, who entrust their Research & Development
      programs to IFTS and require certification of performance and/or
      conformity with specifications
   -  Consumers and industrial users of filters who need comparative tests or verification of conformity of filters to their specifications.

The quality of tests is guaranteed by a rigorous management of test procedures according to ISO 17025.

All liquid filters (fuel, oils, hydraulic fluids, drinking water, and other industrial liquids…)
All  filtration thresholds (from sterilizing filters to self-cleaning filters)
All flow rates between 1 L/h and 50m3/h (800L/min)
Static and differential pressures up to 500 and 100 bar respectively

Integrity (bubble point)
Separating performances (filtration efficiency, retention capacity, absolute rating, bacterial retention, water removal…)
Hydraulic and mechanical characteristics (permeability, flow/pressure fatigue, pressure loss, burst or collapse pressure…)
Chemical or thermal compatibilities.

IFTS implements all standard procedures (NF, CEN, ISO, ASTM, JIS, SAE, NSF…) and also any method specified by clients.

For more information, contact Marion DALEX