Metalworking industry / metals

Steel industry, foundry, metal processing , mechanical engineering ... , The metalworking sector incorporates a vast range of heterogeneous activities, providing technologies, services and equipments to all other industrial sectors and also finished products. In France, it represents over 50% of the manufacturing industry.

Environmental issues are the biggest challenge facing the metalworking industry. It is especially true when it comes to recycling, even though it brings along energy and raw materials savings.

IFTS' experienced team is here to assist you all the way through your different projects.

Some examples of services carried out by IFTS :

Effluent treatment : neutralization, chemical precipitation , discharges clarification in compliance with the law , reducing of sludge volume
Recycling lubrication baths : lifetime increase, improvement of product quality
Process water Production (e.g. deionized water) , Water recycling , water consumption reduction

Recovery of catalysts and precious metals : yields optimization, selective fractionation , purification
Cleanliness control of parts in output production.


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