Food-processing industry

Your company’s duty is to supply its customers with the best products and services at the best price while meeting regulatory requirements and minimizing risks vis-à-vis the consumer, your staff, your environment, your property, your image, your brand. ... You absolutely must control the quality of your product, of your services and also manage all potential risks.

IFTS assists you in your approach of the various issues aiming at improving product quality.
Our teams of engineers and highly skilled technicians in liquid-solid separation, conduct feasibility studies and optimize manufacturing processes, improve recovery of noble materials and also work for food processing  industries.

Our laboratories are able to perform analysis on all types of samples, from powders to high viscosity or high concentration fluids, the diversity of our equipments allows us to provide the most accurate and complete characterization services.

Study of the performances of a new grape juice treatment process,
Study of apple juice concentration using membrane technology,
Extraction and concentrating of an enzyme from melon juice,
Feasibility study on honey clarification processes.

Washing waters recycling and recovery  from  a vegetable cannery: sampling, technology choice, on site pilot-scale tests,
Recycling study of brines used for preserving and preparing olives,
Optimization of the effluents decantation for convenience food industry,
Expertise of pre-treatment system for meat products effluents,
Study of the performances of a waste treatment unit for processing pig manure.

Particle size analysis of various juices (beetroot, grape, ...) and food powders,
Particles Counting in oils (sunflower, palm ...).


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