Chemical Industries are facing numerous problems related to their specific products, for which quality standards keep increasing.

Environmental impact, water and energy requirements become  key issues for industry players.

IFTS will assist you in solving your various chemistry related issues. IFTS leads optimization studies, assessment missions or trainings as well as laboratory testing on all types of samples.

Some examples of studies carried out by IFTS:

- Removal of saline contaminants from a highly viscous polymer solution
- Washing of tin powders
- Clarification of lignosulfonates suspensions
- Comparative study of the crystal recovery and washing on
a polisher-dryer filter and on spin dryer.

- Clarification of silicone resins
- Clarification of a soya lecithin suspension
- Removal  of colloidal silica from an acid and hot suspension
- Washing and separating particles on an acid suspension.

- Expertise of effluent treatment  plant
- Optimization study of sludge thickening
- Clarification of used solvents aiming for their regeneration.

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