For a long time Biotechnology has been a key technology for food industry, but still, three sectors are particularly concerned by its applications: Agriculture, Health and Environment.

From the treatment of industrial pollution to the developing of cleaner and more durable industrial materials, through improving the end of life cycle of a product, biotechnologies incorporate, from the design stage, the conditions and criteria for biodegradability.

IFTS will help you in solving your various biotechnology-related  issues. IFTS conducts optimization studies, expertise and trainings missions as well as laboratory testing on all types of samples.

Examples of services performed by IFTS :

- Feasibility study on the concentration of microalgae containing interesting fatty acids
- Optimization of stillage centrifugation from bio-ethanol distillation
- Process optimization of a virus recovery from a nutrient medium : expertise, scenarios study, pilot-scale tests
- Feasibility study on the separation of a bacterial must for the recovery of interesting extracellular molecules
- Recovery of enzymes produced through solid phase fermentation
- Summary of technical and economic processes adapted to the clarification of fermentation broths : technological choice, customer assistance for the hardware integration
- Particle size analysis on lyophilized powders from various plants.


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