IFTS is the European Reference Center for particulate contamination management and also for filters efficiency and performance testing. For decades, we have been working in close collaboration with car manufacturers.
IFTS provide guidance on all your projects in compliance with standardized methods or specific specifications.

Among our most recurrent services, our team is used to conducting filters performance testing, cleanliness tests and fluid analysis as well as solid-liquid separation's studies, on a daily basis. Yet, we are just as able to manufacture custom-made equipment, should you request require so.

IFTS is involved in the cleanliness specifications drafting for the main manufacturers in the sector, as well as in the drawing up of in international standards (extraction methods, cleanliness management).The Institute developed the international ISO 16232 standard (parts 1 to 10) which is the reference standard for expression and management of cleanliness of components  and fluid systems in automotive sector.

As an independently regulated Testing Center, IFTS is COFRAC accredited for most of its testing services and measurements.

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