Fluid-fluid porometer

Allows to measure several characteristics of a porous material (flat sheet, tube, hollow fibers, …) by gas-liquid of liquid-liquid method :
Pore size distribution,
Mean pore diameter,
Solvents permeability,
Droplet point, Bubble point,

Maximum Pressure: 10 bar
Pressurizing gas: compressed air or other non-corrosive gas
Pressure accuracy: 0,10%
Calculation of contact angle: 0 to 180°
Solvent permeability: from 1 to 10 000 l/h/m²/bar






Monitoring and acquisition software
Automatic report edition software
Remote access
Auto diagnostic procedure

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During the 1rst IFTS Workshop  Characterization of membranes and suspensions
on Oct. 7 and 8, 2015 – IFTS show you, in its laboratories in Foulayronnes (near Agen), the capacity of the Liquid-Liquid Porometer, designed, built and validated in IFTS, to analyze membrane pores down to smallest pores of 2 nanometers.

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